Partners of the forest

We are convinced that our trade can be synonymous with sustainability. Working with wood as a natural resource, without mindlessly taking from nature. By preserving our direct environment, the forest. By understanding its life cycle so we can better take care of it, respect it and be a part of it.

We know that it is possible to combine our ambitions regarding sustainability with our industrial stakes to manufacture our panels.

Respect the forest and its life cycle.

The forest is a carbon well that must be respected and maintained at the right time. Removing trees is part of this virtuous cycle, when sustainably and reasonably scheduled.

Replant trees for every cubic meter purchased.

As part of our partnership with the Fonds Forestier du Limousin, for each cubic meter purchased by one of our clients, we plant 1 tree through the Fonds Forestier du Limousin. For the NEXT panel, for each cubic meter purchased we plant 2 trees!

NEXT – the wood panel of the future.

As a result of our investment in Research & Development, the NEXT panel is the first truly natural panel that leaves nature untouched. 
Made from unused wood residues, it also uses Evertree’s plant-based binder, developed from food industry residues.

Local supply, less than 70 km from our production plant in Ussel (Corrèze).

The choice of certified and sustainably managed forests. As a member of Boislim, UIPP, the Syndicat des Exploitants Forestiers du Limousin (SEFSIL), and FSC and PEFC, Panneaux de Corrèze actively takes part in initiatives for the certification and standardization of forest management.

Local and non-endangered wood species. For hardwood: Beech, Hornbeam, Birch, Linden, Poplar, Oak, Chestnut, etc. For softwood: Douglas, Fir, Spruce, Larch, Scots Pine, etc.

Our panels can be used to the full 100%. Unlike untreated wood, our panels are perfectly uniform and guarantee resistance to machining for drilling, routing, grooving, varnishing or lacquering.

The choice to using by-products, residues and end-of-life wood. The raw materials used in manufacturing our MDF panels come from industrial by-products: small-diameter wood not suitable for furniture making, the canopy parts of trees, branches, etc., and end-of-life wood.
 Our raw material is material that would have been destroyed, burned, or discarded by the industry.

A partnership with the Region Nouvelle Aquitaine

Our partnership with the Region allows us to accelerate our energy transition. Important investments have been made to acquire energy metering equipment, manage our storage and sorting of waste for our water heater, which resulted in a significant increase of its efficiency.

ISO 50 001

Our Panneaux de Corrèze factory is ISO 5001 certified. An international and deliberate recognition that attests to our energy management policy. 
Our conviction: you can only control what you can measure.
 We have therefore set up a metering system for water, electricity and steam of our water heater.
These initiatives enable us to improve our industrial energy efficiency, develop our competitiveness by reducing the financial risk linked to energy costs, and more broadly to commit ourselves to our environment.

-42% less CO2

The manufacturing and life cycle of our NEXT panels is 42% more CO2 efficient than other MDF panels. This is a major step forward in our approach to carbon neutrality. The Evertree innovation and its plant-based binder from the food industry allows to save 60% of CO2 compared to an industrial resin.