Wood Fiber

At Panneaux de Corrèze, we believe that it is the quality of each link in our value chain that makes us competitive and earns our customers’ trust.

We therefore pay a great deal of attention to this, and choose to always offer unique answers adapted to each need. We go far beyond the prefab solution, we are detail-oriented and always on a quest for the right result.

The right wood
The right technique
The right people
The right price
The right panel and the right result for our customers


Manufacturing of Medium® on the Ussel site


Commitment to the Fonds Forestier du Limousin


Creation of the first 100% natural NEXT panel

Establishment of Isoroy in Ussel (Corrèze)


The Ussel site is bought by 3 employees who take over the company and name it Panneaux de Corrèze


Obtained ISO 50 001 version 2011, version 2018 obtained in June 2020


Our Partners

Partners of the Fonds Forestier du Limousin

Since 2017, Panneaux de Corrèze is a partner of the Fonds Forestier du Limousin and is committed to
plant 1 tree for each cubic meter of panels sold in through the distribution network.

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Through a partnership with the young start-up Evertree, the NEXT panel was born! The first truly natural panel that leaves nature untouched. Composed of wood residues and by-products, and of Evertree biosourced plant-based resin, resulting from the residues of the food-processing industry.

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Partnership with the region Nouvelle Aquitaine

To accelerate our energy transition, we have set up a multi-year partnership with the Region Nouvelle Aquitaine. The first energy saving actions have been implemented and are already bearing fruit.

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PEFC Bois Limousin membership

We actively participate in certification and standardization of forest management. out of concern for finding a balance for our environment and our sector.

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