Committed to quality

With 3 ranges and 70 standard references of MDF panels in stock in bespoke formats, we are committed to the quality of each product. With panels that can be used to the full 100%, unlike untreated wood. A resistance to machining and a choice of 100% softwood or 100% hardwood composition to optimize their performance.

Our quality assurance process covers all phases of material supply, production and marketing of our MDF panels.

With internal cohesion test, perpendicular tensile test and bending test. Formaldehyde emission, swelling and moisture content tests for our moisture resistant products, etc.

Applications and solutions


Dry / wet environment
Medium V313


Fire resistance
Medium M1, Fire Retardant Euroclass B-s2, d0 and B-s1, thickness from 16 mm to 22 mm.


High environmental standards
Our panels respect the environment and the most demanding manufacturing standards: E1, US EPA TSCA title VI certified.
Our wood resources are all from sustainably managed forests and located less than 70 km from our manufacturing site in Ussel, Corrèze.


Interior untreated material for decorative purposes
Our untreated MDF panels can receive all types of finishes: varnish, paint, lacquer, wood veneer, laminate or melamine.