Wood fiber

Panneaux de Corrèze is all about wood fiber, forest fiber, industrial fiber… with every fiber of our being we aim to manufacture high-quality and sustainable MDF panels. We so so by finding the right balance between the challenges of our direct environment, the quality and performance of our products and the needs of our customers.


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1 m3 sold through the distribution network = 1 tree planted

Our commitment to the forest naturally led us to become key players in France’s wood industry and active members of the Fond Forestier du Limousin since 2017.

It also became an obvious choice to source our wood no further than 70 km from our factory in Ussel (Corrèze) and to select our wood from sustainably managed and ecologically, economically, socially and ethically responsible forests.

Our commitment to the forest


At Panneaux de Corrèze, we are committed to three key values in which we believe, and we can act upon. This allows us to be available, remain flexible towards our clients, precise in our answers and innovative in our thinking.

ISO 50001 – (English version)

To meet the challenges of the energy transition, we have set up an ISO 50 001 certification process. A deliberate standard and international certification that gives us a competitive edge and measurable energy impact.