Range description

Thin, stable and design panel
MDF Thin panel is made exclusively from resinous wood, by treating the fibers in a dry process, with the addition of synthetic resins and gluing under high temperature press. Non-carrying panel, it has a high density on both its faces and in its core. Made of a long and homogeneous wood fiber, it has increased resistance to bending and perpendicular tensile stress a less abrasive material for cutting and machining a clear and uniform aesthetic in opaque, varnished or stained finishes increased stability in thin thicknesses.
Thin MDF panel faces are particularly dense and offer a high quality surface for varnishing.

Fields of application
Class 1 panel – Non-structural use in dry environments


  • Interior fittings and decoration
  • Interior finishing elements (bottom of furniture, drawers, etc.)
  • Packaging
  • Toys, framing
  • Signage
  • Finishes

Panel sanded on both faces to a 180-grit smoothness, allowing the use of a complete range of finishes: lacquer, varnish, paint, melamine decorations, wood or metal veneer.

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